The Future of
Connected Packaging
  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Strengthen Customer Relations
  • Gain Valuable Insights
Explore the Power of Conductive Ink for Connective Packaging
  • Connected Packaging
  • Online dashboard to track, measure and monitor customer engagement … adjust content on the fly based on what they are responding to!
  • Safe and secure platform – no risk for spoofing, phishing or counterfeiting.
  • Quick and easy activation through your phone’s browser - No separate app required
  • Ensure exclusive content, special offers and loyalty programs are being delivered to your target audience.
  • Eco-friendly, conductive ink connects your packaging with the digital world.
dashboard graphic Dashboard Analytics for Activations
  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • User IP Address
  • User Device
  • API
  • Campaign ID
  • Session ID
  • using ohmega icon STEP 1 Using OHMEGA® Ink, a unique code is printed on your package.
  • touch Ohmega icon STEP 2 Customer visits your website or app on their mobile device and touches the code facedown onto the screen.
  • unlock Ohmega content icon STEP 3 Your exclusive digital content is unlocked for the customer to enjoy.
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